Excellent Fire Damage Restoration Services in Syracuse, NY

Let a professional assess your property’s structure condition after fire damage. At Abby-Owen Environmental, we have the tools and the knowledge to assist you. We care about our customers’ safety; that’s why the first thing to do is ensure the structure is safe to be used again. If you are located in Syracuse, NY, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will provide you with the support you need.

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From fire restoration to smoke damage restoration, our team is more than qualified to handle it all. Thanks to our expertise, we can evaluate the condition of the structure. We support ourselves with adequate equipment to analyze part of the damage with efficiency. With our assistance, you can also prevent liability for an unsafe building.

We offer our damage restoration services to:
  • Office commercial buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Residential properties
  • Healthcare facilities
  • School buildings

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Has your building in Syracuse, NY, been affected by fire? If so, get in touch with our team and request our fire damage restoration services. Receive expert advice on the following steps to take after a fire and ensure everyone entering your building is safe from any hazards.

Our Full Range of Services

asbestos in testing plate

Asbestos Testing Services

Ensure that your property’s building materials are asbestos-free.

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man inspecting mold on wall

Mold Assessment Services

Determine if you have a mold problem and offer solutions to safely remove it and prevent it from coming back

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water flling on wooden floor

Water Damage Consulting

Remedy any damage on your property caused by water.

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fire damage of front of house

Fire Damage Consulting

Restore your property after it was devastated by a fire.

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inspector looking at house

Restoration Support Services

Get expert help & ensure the best solution for a damaged property.

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Make sure that the air you breathe inside your property is safe. Contact our experienced professionals for anything related to mold and asbestos inspections. We can also assist you with damage consulting services. Reach us at (315) 297-1397.